Sizing down a hat as you go?

So I’m knitting a hat and I can already tell it is quite large. It’s my first hat, and I made the mistake of just following the pattern when it came to sizing. I’ve been so frustrated when it comes to figuring out how to knit a hat that I wasn’t thinking. For the record, I’m extremely bad with numbers. I have dyscalculia and it throws me off whenever numbers are involved. I think I saw so many numbers that instead of trying to adjust it to my own size, I just went with theirs to make it easy.

Is there a way to size it down as I go? I don’t know where to start, because I don’t want to throw things off by ktog’ing here and there. Any ideas? If not, I’m sure I can find a head to fit it but I’d like to at least try to fix it.

Are you using a pattern? If so which one? How far into it are you? What size needles and weight of yarn are you using? How many did you cast on? This all makes a difference.

You could decrease to make it smaller, but it will still be bigger on the edge. Depending on your pattern that may be fine though. Cables and ribbing naturally pull in and make a hat tighter, too.

I make hats all the time. It’s my go to quick, mindless project. I usually use worsted weight yarn and cast on 80 stitches. I knit loose so I usually use a size 7 needle.