Sizing bigger

Hi :smiley: ! I 'm knew with knitting, but I seen a sleeveless top that I would like to make. The problem is, it’s not in my size. My question is, am I able to make this same top in my size but larger? If so, how do I do this?

Thanks for your help :wink:

It can be done, but will take some math.

You’ll need to measure yourself, or a garment that fits well and have those measurements onhand. If you use your body measurements, remember to add some ease to them, you don’t want that top to fit like bologna skin!

Now, you’ve done that all important gauge swatch, right? :slight_smile:
Because you’ll need to know how many stitches to the inch you’ll be doing.

Okay! Make a copy of your pattern that you can write on and grab your calculator. You’ll need to do some math to figure out how many stitches/rows you’ll need to use to recreate your pattern in the larger size. Let’s say the pattern called for casting on 20 stitches, at a gauge of 5 per inch. If you do your math, that means you’d be knitting 4". (20/5=4) If you want your piece to measure 5" at the same point at 5 stitches per inch, you’d cast on 25 stitches.(5*5=25)

So, everywhere in the pattern that gives a cast on or increase amount, re-work the numbers. If they give an overall dimension, rework the numbers. Note any areas with increases/decreases. You’ll need to adjust those perhaps. Measure frequently as you knit to stay on course.

Also take into account any pattern stitches. If a stitch is worked over a repeat of 8 stitches, you might have to adjust your cast on numbers (and others) to get regular repeats.

Good luck!

Abi thanks for sharing that with me :smiley: