Sizes for men's and women's hats

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I am a fair to middlin’ knitter from the Northern Virginia area. I like to try lots of new things, so you may hear a lot from me. :aww: Here’s my first question. I made a hat for a lady friend of mine and it was labelled as a “ladies small.” I had her head size and all came out well. Now my husband wants one. I am not sure how to size the same pattern for him. Should I make a swatch and calculate how many stitches to cast on for him? Any other approaches?

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So to answer your question. . .
Coats and Clark gives these measurements for hat sizes: 20" for women, 22" for men. Now, of course that doesn’t address the fact that many, many people of both genders have very, very different sized heads! If it’s not a surprise gift, can you just measure his head (when people talk about the circumfrence of the head, they mean at the top of the ears). If she’s a close enough friend, can you measure her head as well? Those 2 measurements plus a gauge swatch should do you well. Also, if they didn’t give measurements in that pattern (it sounds loke they didn’t), you can figure out how big her hat was by taking the number of sts you used for it and that gauge.

I don’t know about modifying the pattern you have. However, I use thispattern. It allows you to customize the pattern based on the measurements of the recipient’s head and the yarn and needles you’re planning to use. It hasn’t failed me yet. Basically, you measure the person’s head and then, with the yarn and needles you plan to use, you work up a swatch. You then perform some really basic calculations based on the swatch, plug the results into the pattern, and voila! have a customized pattern. Good luck!

No, the author did not offer inches of the head in question. I did look up the mens and womens sizes. But, she specifically mentioned the pattern was for a ladies small.

Of course I forgot to mention the complicating factor. The pattern had cables. I looked at the link yarnrainbow mentioned. Do you think I could modify that pattern to include cables?

Thanks for all your help!:slight_smile:

This website give a formula for making hats. Maybe this will help.

I would probably just go up a couple needle sizes- as long as the cable stitches still looked well defined. Then again- I am also in the “I don’t like math so why don’t I wing it” category.

Totally not helpful, but welcome from one NoVA gal to another! :hug: :mrgreen: