Sizes and Charts

Hey all… I am knitting fingerless gloves on 2 needles and sewing up the sides with worsed weight and number 9 needles… getting about 4-5 stitches per inch… My question is this…

Is there a chart for standard measurements for kids items such as hats, gloves, mittens, wrist sizes, hands, feet, etc. I want to make gloves for my neices and I do not have any measurements for them. My brother is a single dad… and still after a year of asking for measurements for clothes have not gotten them yet, and now want to make gloves and hats without them knowing. Any help?

So if a measurement is lets say… 5 inches around the wrist and I am knitting at 5 stitches per inch on my needle… do I just multiply that by the wrist measurement? And if I wanted to add 1 cable down the center… do I have to add any stitches, since cables can pull in the width? Is there method for casting on more stitches for cables … if I wanted to do 2 cables 2 or 3 and so on in the pattern

Thanks all ahead

You don’t measure around the wrist, but around the hand. Most of the time, the cuff is ribbed so it will stretch over the the hand, but pull back in to be tight around the wrist.

You would need to knit up a sample - a few inches in stockinette, then a few more inches in the cable pattern to see how much it pulls in.

Here is a chart of sizes that should help with gifts, but you have to do a swatch to find out how many stitches per inch. You don’t figure it out based on your own measurements since knitting stretches.

Great this is what I was looking for…