[B]I have been practicing knitting on a set of skewers and chop sticks until my husband bought me some metal needles and circlers, Would there be anyway for me to figure out what Size the skewers and chopsticks would be?More of the patterns I wouldnt mind trying are calling for different sizes.I live in a remote rural area and the nearest knitting store is a 2 hour drive so I am not able to pick up a sizer.

Thanks for the help[/B]

Needle sizes are measured by the diameter of the needle, in mm. From there, you can consult a chart to see what mm needle is equal to what ‘size’. For example, a 4.5 mm needle would be a US 7.

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that’s the way it is.:shrug:

You can find a needle gauge at most stores that sell yarn, including walmart, or joanns, michaels, ac moore, hobby lobby. They’re usually only about $2 and have holes with the US and metric sizes, sometimes with the UK size marked too.

Most chopsticks are size 8 or 9, sometimes 7 if they’re thinner. Skewers would be about a size 2 or 3 I think, maybe 4. If you can’t find a gauge, you can poke a neat hole in some paper and measure across it with a metric tape measure. Then use this chart to see what the size is in US terms.


I poked a hole in paper , now I can start patterns accordingly

TY ![/B]