Size Zero? Am I crazy?

Am I crazy or what??

Anyone knit with size 0? :zombie:

The smallest I ever knitted with is a 3.
not to get off topic or anything…but I think I have the same laptop as you :slight_smile:

Mine is a Compaq Presario XD


I am using size 1 right now, which is my smallest so far. It’s not so bad…you will get used to it quickly I’m sure.

Hubby wanted the Harry Potter Bookscarves and the book said the laceweight was best for actually using in a book, so those are the needles it called for. It should be interesting.

I just got lovely sets of DPNs in 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75 mm sizes. That’s 0000,000 and 00 sizes. I have numerous sets of 0s (both DPNs and circulars) that are my standard for socks, but these nickel-plated beauties are designed for lace knitting… doilies, anyone?

Laceweight or lighter yarn required, for sure. :eyes:


The smallest needles I’ve used are size 2 for my socks.

looks like anything smaller would fall between the keys of your laptop!!

i love zeroes for socks! you actually get used to them.

Oh, yes, I know all about them. :lol: I have been such a loose knitter in the past that I often had to use them or smaller to get what a normal person could get on a 3 or so. Lately I have been knitting a little tighter. Don’t know why. :??

Here is a picture I took comparing a zero and the 0000 needles I have to a standard toothpick. Just thought you might enjoy it.

I don’t mind small needles, although the 0000 did dig into my fingers a bit. I’d rather knit on small needles than the giant ones.

I like 0’s and other small needles, I get great detail :slight_smile:

yup. i made some harry potter bookscarves using size 00 double pointed needles and embroidery floss :slight_smile:

the smallest i’ve used is a 2, which were bamboo, and i broke them!! guess i was knitting a little tight. luckily i happened to buy metal ones first because i couldn’t find the bamboo. ( i prefer bamboo, i like the way they flex, less hand cramping, more knitting time)

I’ve knit with size 0’s. I had to concentrate VERRRRY hard on not snapping them.

Yep, you’re crazy :woot: But that’s the fun part! The smallest I’ve used in a two for socks, but there’s a pattern I want to do with zeros, so I’ll be getting them soon. Good for you, I’m sure you’ll love it!!! :muah:

Whoa. Thats some serious splinter knitting there.

I love small needles. It makes me feel like a more advanced knitter…or soemthing. PLus I like my handknit things to be pretty thin, I dont wear many bulky things.

Yep, I have knit with size 0000 needles. They are smaller than the tapestry needle I use for finishing.

oh! i have a US0 addi turbo…what size yarn would i use to make socks? lace weight? wow