Size two needle from Boye Needlemaster Junior wanted


Anyone have a size 2 needle from the Junior set of Needlemaster?

Will to purchase/trade for it.



I didnt know Needlemaster HAD a junior! :??


me either!!! where do we get it?


I triple that sentiment! Who knew?!


Gotta get me one now…where where where.

Sorry, CarolOH, for not being any help


well, I got this Needlemaster Junior recently through one of my lot buys - it’s sizes 2-5!!! But it only has ONE size 2 needle!!!


here’s the photo - I’m thinking must be circa 70’s or so because the cover is a crazy turquoise/blue pattern and the inside is gold! :shock:

[color=grey][size=2]The Mod Squad was here - Photo Resized[/size][/color]


interesting…very interesting.


Are they the same needles though as the regular Needle Master set? If they are, you could buy them at Hobby Lobby and I think AC Moore (I don’t have either of these stores nearby but I think they sell “Boye KnitMates” as they are called when sold by the piece.) Also I have seen the knitmates on, I think.

Cool set & what a great find! I’m looking at vintage Needle Masters on ebay and they go for a LOT, even not complete. :shock:


Hey Purl - I actually have a vintage set (COMPLETE) for sale - email me ify ou’re interested!


oh cool - I have a few of those KnitMates hanging around the house somewheres - maybe I actually have a set of twos - wouldn’t that be cool!?



Cool, Carol, I emailed you! :smiley: