Size question

Hi, newbie here with a question.

I am knitting a shawl (my 5th ever project, and the first one for myself) with yarn I was given as a gift (3 balls of a verigated pink acrylic) and as I near the end I’ve measured it, and have decided it isn’t big enough. Can I knit it again on larger needles and get a larger shawl, using the same amount of yarn? :XX:


(I am so glad I found this site!)


You will get a larger shawl on larger needles, but it will take more yarn.

Probably not. Larger stitches need more yarn, so even though there will be fewer of them, you’ll still need as much yarn.

If I do “unknit” it, and do it again on larger needles, will it be smaller? I haven’t any way to get more of this yarn. Should I resign myself to giving this one to my 7 year old?

Here’s a picture of where I am so far:

If you use bigger needles, it will get wider, but you will need more yarn as everyone has said. I’m sure your daughter will love it. :wink:

I cast it off last night, all that’s left is to weave the ends in.

I gave it to my daughter this morning (tail still hanging) and she loves it!

I will post a picture of it on her after I get the ends tucked in.

Thanks for your help!


It’s very pretty. I’m sure she’ll love wearing it! :smiley:


She loves it!

(Sorry for the quality of the photo, its a borrowed camera.)