Size problem with circular needles

I’ve been looking for 36" addi turbo circulars for a while now and I’ve been told that after 32", they only come in 40".
The 32’s I have right now are beginning to become too short for the rounds I’m knitting, tho the lady at the lys said they would be alright, tho’, the pattern clearly says 36". She said I’d have to order 36’s special.
Is this the right info?
I’m kind of scared to knit the thing any more for fear that the stitches will fall off the needle and I still have lots more stitches to add.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Circular needles can hold far more stitches than you think. Because the cord is smaller, the stitches squish up a lot more and don’t fall off readily. I think you’ll be fine; the work might be a little smooshed toward the end, but you should be able to finish. If you’ve got say, a 24" the same size, you can use that one too. The woman at the store might just be trying to get a sale out of you…

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hi Suzeeq,
Thank you, once again, for stepping in the breach and helping me out. :thumbsup:
I will stick to my 32’s for now… unless something drastic happens.:teehee:
I really think that 40" will be too much but I’m no slim person. Bust 44" so I’ve been a bit worried…
It’s just gotta get over my hips! LOL!
Besides, I like 'em loose…

Oh heck, I make sweaters that size on 29s even. There’s no reason the sweater needs to be spread out nearly full size. If you need to try it on, put some of the sts on another circ (can be a smaller size) or on scrap yarn, or all of it on scrap yarn.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Forgive me…:aww: I think I panicked for a moment there but now I’m understanding it all better.
I’ve just knit to where the increases stop and the arm holes are put onto some scrap wool and not the body is being knit up.
So all is well.
I’m so surprised at how easy it is to knit in the round. I love just knitting… so soothing, easy to watch t.v. with… LOL!
I’m doing 5" of knit til I get to the round where I decrease a bit.
Loving it!:woohoo:
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Yeah, the yoke has an awful lot of sts, but one you take off the sleeve sts, the body fits very nicely on a 32" needle. I like this type of sweater, it’s easy to try on and adjust.

[COLOR=“darkorchid”]Thanks, Suzeeq…
About trying the sweater on… I haven’t done that because the circular is only 32" and will never fit around my body. I’ve just been holding it up to myself to check to see how long the sweater is. Is there a way I can try it on?
I’m thinking I will do so once the body is knit and before I start the sleeves.
I’ve got about 2 more inches to go before I do the ribbing and then the body will be done.
So looking forward to that part of it… so want to get it finished before the weather gets warm…
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Yes, you can put part of the stitches on another circular or 2, they can be smaller sizes, or on some scrap yarn. Any method which allows the sts to stretch out to their full size. It’s usually a good idea to do this about the point where you separate the sleeve stitches so you can tell if the yoke is long enough or too long. But you can do so at any time.