size of needles

My pattern calls for size 1 or size needles, but all I have is size 3. I am making coasters 4" x 4", to cast on 40 sts. Can I use the size 3 and how many sts should I cast on?

It really depends on how tight or loose a knitter you are. Size 3 is probably just fine and with sock yarn, it may just give you a slightly looser knit fabric. Linen stitch tends to pull in anyway so try it with 40sts and see how you like the fabric. You can always adjust from there.

Thank you @salmonmac, is it okay that I am using cotton like what you make dishcloths from? We use freezer mugs and they get wet.

Oh sure but you’ll have to cast on fewer sts if the weight of the cotton is heavier than sock yarn. Sock yarn is usually around 30sts per 4 inches.

great, thanks, I’ll give it a go. Thanks again for your help @salmonmac!