Size needles for felted bag?

I want to make a felted bag as a gift using the instructions in the Alterknits book, but I want to use a chunky yarn instead of worsted…mostly Lamb’s Pride bulky. I want the bag to be very sturdy so my friend can carry books or whatever.

The book says for worsted yarn to use 10.5 size needles. What size should I use for Lamb’s Pride Bulky? I’m guessing maybe 13’s? This will be my first felting project and I’m eager to start. Thanks!


I think you are probably right in using a number 13 needle…I checked a pattern that I had and it was with a bulky yarn and used a 13 needle. However, dimension of my felted pieces has always depended on several variables…yarn (both weight and wool content and brand), needles size, felting time. I have found that you need to have room for the knitting to felt but that the looser the knitting sometimes the tighter the felting because the yarn has room to felt.