Size Medium for Body, Size Large for Sleeves?

I am making Sitcom Chic.

I started out with size Medium, which is fine for the body, but I’d like to use the stitch count for the size large for the sleeves. Anyone have an idea how I could modify this and still come out at the end of the sleeves to continue on in the size medium directions for the remainder of the sweater??

I just HATE tight sleeves. Especially at the cuff. I made about 3" of the first sleeve (size M), slipped it over my arm and I didn’t like it. I want it to be looser fitting.

Any suggestions??

Taking a fast peek at the instructions, it looks like you have a 4 stitch difference between M and L in the sleeves when it comes time to join them to the body to make the yoke. The easiest way to do this {IMO} would be to continue to follow the instructions for M in the yoke section above the body sections, and the instructions for L in the yoke section for the sleeves. If this doesn’t work out right, I would simply bind off an additional 4 stitches at the underarm, or decrease by 4 stitches in inconspicuous places.

Keep in mind that I just looked at the pattern quickly… if I’ve steered you in the wrong direction, I’m sure our driving instructors like Ingrid et al will chime in to send you on your way! :smiley: