Size Change

I’m new to this forum but would like some help if anyone can. I would like to make a basic cardigan sweater but each time i try to find a simple pattern the sizes start to large i’m about a 34-36 but they all start at 40 which will be to large, can anyone tell me what to do to make a smaller size. Thanks you.

You could make one with thinner yarn and smaller needles, though you first have to check how many sts/inch you get on them, and multiply that times the inches you want. Then see if the smaller size has close to that number of stitches around.
You can knit a top down raglan from a pattern generator which can be found at or You plug in your stitches per inch and the size you need and it makes a pattern. These are for pullovers so for a cardigan you just don’t join, but knit flat.

There are a lot of less than size 40 patterns at you might be able to find something there.