Size 7 round knitting needle

is that a circular needle? I’ve found a pattern that uses it but I don’t knw what a round knitting needle is :frowning:

Without seeing the pattern, my guess would be they just mean a circular needle. Can you read the directions - are you joining the cast on into a circle? If so, then that’s what they mean - a circular needle.


It was for making a hat, it says I could use 4 double pointed needles too. Never used those either. Such a n00b. LoL

For a hat you would use a circular needle or dpns, whichever is more comfortable. I recommend the circ, it’s not hard and easier to handle for knitting in the round for the first time.

ooh, may I should give it a go. I dunno if i’m ready just yet though. Thanks for the advice gals!