Size 7 cable needle - shortest cable?

I was wondering what the shortest cable people have for a size 7 circ needle?

I have a 16 inch, but I am making longies for my son and the 16 is just a LITTLE long… I can do it, but i have to shift the stitches often and they are stretched…

i have double pointed needles, but I prefer the circ needle…

is there such thing as a 12 inch cable?

ETA: it is supposed to say size 7 CIRCULAR needle - shortest cable

There is, but a lot of people don’t like knitting with them because the needles are really short to accommodate the short cable.

Why don’t you try using two circs (or magic loop if you prefer) to knit the smaller circle. I use two circs on sleeves.

do you know what company makes them?

Hiya Hiya makes a 9 and a 12 inch steel needle in size 7. Check out the Yarn Grove’s web site or LYS

I use both sizes knitting socks and have no problems.

It appears that Addimake a 8 and 12 inch needle.

KA makes a 12 inch cable needle

Boye Balene II needles come in 11 inch

Lots of them. If you type in 12 in circular needles you get a bunch of hits. Here’s a few.