Size 2's ouch! lol

So I’m doing my first ever knitting with size 2 needles. Wow, it’s kind of a trip to me. They are sooooooo tiny

Wait till you get to size 0’s or smaller…:noway: :shock:

I knit alot of socks. I use needles in this range.

LOL I have a pattern that calls for my size 1s but I think I’m going to use the 2s a few more times and get used to them first

Just remember when you adjust the needle size it can affect the size of whatever you’re making.

Ugh, small needles… When I wanted to learn how to knit, I asked my mom to get me knitting needles. She went to this place where they sell all kinds of string and needles and bought me 2.5mm needles (the only size they had). I learned to knit with these things. Later, when I asked my grandma’s sister-in-law (a knitting expert) if knitting was as painful as it is for me, she told me: “Well, these needles are [U]small[/U]!”

I try not to touch my 2.5mm needles. I just don’t like them :D.

I’m getting used to them now. I’m working on the pattern now and I still don’t like them but if they are needed I can do it lol. My favorite needles are my size 5 and 8 bamboo

I don’t use anything smaller than a 9 most of the time. I have some 7s and 8s, but only use them when I have to, not by choice.

Been there, done that! I knit an lacy baby girl sweater about 9 years ago with size 000. Ouch! But, that is the needle that produced the right gauge! Had to do it! But NEVER AGAIN! :slight_smile: