Size 13 needle in Boye Interchangeables

I just tried this needle for the first time and find the tip to be a really odd and akward shape. The other needles in the set have nice gradual tips, this one does not. Does anyone else have a hard time with this needle?


I have noticed that with the size 13 that came with my set. It is very pointed. I can still knit with them, but it is different… I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a replacement set, and they look like the other needles that came with the set. Maybe it is a factory defect?? :??

Glad to know it’s not just me.

I went to Michaels and the 13s in that set definitely look better than mine. I tried the website (maker of boyes), but haven’t gotten it to come up yet. I’d like to give the company a call.

Otherwise I’ll have to talk my mom into going to Hobby Lobby for me to get a new set of 13s. How much are the replacement tips?


I believe they were $3.50. I went when they had 50% off all knitting accessories, so they were only $1.75! :happydance: :thumbsup:

I’d contact Boye at and give them the opportunity to resolve the issue. Sounds like a quality control or manufacturing issue. They may replace them for free!

My big problem with #13 is mine mushrooms out at the end where it connects and snags my work! None on the others have done it, just 13.

I had a problem with a #15 that wouldn’t stay attached to the cable. I called the company, they claimed they had a bad batch and sent a replacement at no charge.

But then I found my Denise set and haven’t gone back.

My set is fairly new and I don’t have an issue with my 13s, they’re the same as my other needles. Just worked on my waterlily with them, in fact.

I finally got the Wrights website to come up and sent them an email. They will replace the 13s if I sent the defective ones back.