Size 11 with 24" cable in alluminum?

I have ordered two pair of size 11 circs with 24" cables and both times the ads said they were metal needles and when they came, alas, they are plastic…which I cannot knit with.

Does anyone know WHO makes size 11 circs with a 24" cable? I need to get some for a pattern asap and I’m pulling out my hair!

Does anyone have any to sell or get rid of?

Addi Turbos are metal–very nice, too.

The length of a cable needle is measured tip-to-tip, rather than just the cable length. A 24" needle is a total of 24". If you want a needle that’s a total of 32" in length, that’s what you have to look for. usually has a good selection of Addis.

I thought they might be the only ones. I was trying to save some money on them. They are for a pair of felted slippers that I may or may not use again and I hate to spend all that money on needles that I might not use again. If I have to, I will but I was hoping for some Bates or Boye…???

I recently bought some Susan Bates (or Boye) needles in a 10 1/2 with a 29" cable from my local knit shop, so 11s should be around. Here they are at Joann’s Addis are fabulous needles, but these work quite well, too. They’re just more the Chevy of knitting needles as opposed to the Mercedes of knitting needles. :slight_smile: If the extra 5" would work for your project, you could go with these.

I bought the original #11 at and they are plastic. I have 10 1/2’s but the size difference is very big between 10 1/2 and 11. I think the only ones are addis. On top of that I have two pair of the plastic that I don’t need. Once I pay shipping to return them, it’s not worth the money I get back!


Seriously? They’re plastic? They sure look like aluminum to me:

Another picture from Joann’s website

No, I ordered the susan bates from two different places (duuh) that said they were aluminum and they were both plastic (duuh). What do they say about people who keep doing what they always do? They get what they always got? That’s me!

I will call and see if I can exchange. Thanks!!

I wanted to update this,…

I called JoAnn’s and they don’t have a 24" cable in the Boye, that’s why I didn’t order it. I couldn’t remember why I didn’t get those in the first place.

BUT, then nice guy on the phone e-mailed me a return shipping label for the needles so at least I can return all $4.19 of them without paying $4 in shipping!!

Very nice customer service. Looks like I’m ordering the Addis and I’ll just have to make a million pair of these slippers to make it worth the money!!! Slippers for everyone next Christmas!!!

If you’re planning to knit them in the round on two circulars, the cable length won’t matter. A longer cable will be a tiny bit more “fiddly,” but will work just as well. So if you haven’t already ordered the addi’s and you want to, you could go with the 29" Boye’s that they usually have at Jo-Ann.

Hope that helps.

Hi! :waving:

Doesn’t Options have a size 11 interchangeable with various size cords that you can buy individually?

I have them in my Options set so I bet you could get them from Knit Picks very quickly, and they are AWESOME to knit with!

Hope this helps!