Size 1.5 or 10 needle

Hi Everyone,
I have a pattern for a shawl which calls for size 10.5 knitting needles. I have a 10. Shouldn’t that size be ok and just a tiny bit different?

There’s .5 mm difference–try a swatch and see what your gauge is.

Thanks Ingrid, I’ll give it a try. Since I’m new to knitting I guess I needed a word of encouragement to try something a little different.

Well if you wanted a close gauge you would have to try out different sizes anyway, as it’s likely you would need a different size than 10 to get the right gauge. For a shawl it’s even less important, because if a shawl or scarf is slightly too big or too small, it won’t mean your scarf doesn’t ‘fit’ you. As long as you are getting a fabric that you like, it doesn’t matter.

I’m betting in the world of shaws, that won’t make much difference, depending on the design/pattern of the shaw you pick. A lot of shaw patterns will say gauge is not an issue.

If your shaw is a rectangular shapped one, cast on 100 (or whatever) stitches, knit across until it as long as you want it, then bind off - it may be 1"-2" narrower. But just cast on that many more if it matters. It it’s a pattern repeat of, say 10 stitches repeated 10 times, just add 1 more repeat.

In a triangle shaw, you usually start by CO 3-5 stitches, then increase 1 at the beginning of each row, or maybe inc at the beginning & end of every other row. it isn’t going to affect this shaw at all, really. Just continue until it’s the size triangle you want then bind off.