Six Colour Striped Blanket

Does anyone have a pattern for a six colour striped blanket (not a baby blanket please) that is fairly easy-to-follow? Idk if this is relevant, but my colours are going to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (in that order), it’s essentially going to be a rainbow blanket.
Thank you in advance! :hug:

I don’t know if you really need a pattern for that. Are you wanting to do wide stripes? Garter stitch?|u&availability=free&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=created&pc=bedspread|throw|other-blanket is a link to ravelry for patterns that include pictures, are knit, are free, are in english or universal (charts), and are for blankets (bedspreads, throws, or other, but NOT baby although a few unmarked baby items did sneak in). nearly 1200 matches there.

if i add color stripes as a design element, it’s this link:|u&pa=stripes-colorwork&pc=bedspread|throw|other-blanket - nearly 300 matches there.

if i add color stripes as a fabric characteristic instead, it’s this link:|throw|other-blanket&language=en|u&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=created&availability=free&photo=yes - still almost 70 matches…

but jan is right as usual. if it’s a simple garter stitch blanket, you can cast on as many stitches as needed for your width, and then just knit knit knit away until each stripe is the right height. then start a new row with a new color and carry on knit knit knitting…