Sitting here trying to keep positive

I need to just keep my mind off what I am having to do today. I have started drinking this stuff to clean out my system so I can have a gastrointestinal test tomorrow. It is awful and I have to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes and I have a half gallon I have to drink. Yuck! I gagged with the first glass but did get the second one done without the gagging. I have my clock timer set and keep looking at it like someone will rescue me! :roflhard: I know it has to be done before I can have surgery again, but sheesh is it icky. Oh and I don’t get to eat until after the test tomorrow so that doesn’t help my already queazy stomach! Anybody else have to do this kind of stuff???

Yep, been there done that. It isn’t any fun but a necessary evil. Good luck.

Oh man, that is a bummer… I did that the first time a few months ago. You are going to be so happy today when it’s over!

Oh you poor dear. I had to do that before my surgery to clean out my endometriosis so she could get it out from near my bowels. It is horrible. I couldn’t even finish the liquid. It took about 5-6 hour for it to finally get going in my system and then I didn’t leave that bathroom for more than a minute at the most. You’ll wonder how it’s possible for all that junk to be inside of you and how you can function with it! It is quite gross. I sure am not looking forward to doing that ever again.

I couldn’t eat for a whole day and then I got sick from forcing that stuff down my throat, so I was puking and pooping. And I had a headache. Ugh, it isn’t fun.

Just know we’ve been there and can empathize with what you are having to do today. There are no words of comfort with this one, just bring lots of books and magazines in that bathroom with you, you’ll need something to keep your mind a little busy.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Let me guess, it’s “go-lytely”? Gahhh, I had to take that stuff. The pineapple flavor is horrific. I got through it by staring at the wall while I was drinking it and thinking of something good. One bit of advice, do not leave your house. You will see results very fast and continue to do so until tomorrow am. Good luck with the test!:hug:

good luck i had to have that stuff too not fun


I have never done that but what about a straw? That way you might be able to bypass most of your tastebuds by putting the tip of the straw as far back as possible?

Good luck with it!

Been there, done that. It’s no fun. Stay close to the potty! Perhaps before the ummmm clean out hits you can stock up the bathroom with bottled water, reading material and some light knitting. You are going to be there for a while.

Take care. Hopefully the test will be over quickly so you can have something to eat or at least a cup of coffee before you leave the hospital for home.

Have you tried holding your nose while you drink? Definitely makes things taste less offensive.

I hope all goes well tomorrow.

I eat a low sodium diet and I found that stuff so salty I could hardly stand it. I feel for you! :hug::hug::hug:

My DH has taken “go-lytely” several times. More like “go a lot-ly” he says. His dr. recommends mixing it with lemonade flavored crystal lite (NOTHING with any dyes, like raspberry). He has colitis so has to have colonoscopies every few years. Poor guy, I feel so bad for him. I did “sample” the stuff one time to offer my solidarity, because he was telling me how awful it was but of course made me just swish it in my mouth and spit it out :ick:
I really have to hold the reins on him when he gets done with his procedure because he is so ravenously hungry afterwards. He can overdo it sometimes.
So, basically it’s not pleasant, but I do sympathize with you. And I agree, stay close to home:thumbsup: :hug:

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I had colon surgery in October so have an ostomy bag for now. I had to sit with a big black trash bag with the ostomy bag inside it! I got all but half a glass down, but I have to do it again the day before surgery, which if my barium enema comes out well will be in April! UGG! It sort of has a salty taste to me that made it unpalitable. I held my breath and drank but towards the end the gag reflex went into overdrive!
Yep, it is go-lightly but there ain’t no goin’ lightly about it! :roflhard:

I am now done with it and seems to be done with the purging part too. My poor hubby has to give me an enema in the morning to make sure any mucus in the part of my colon that isn’t connected is cleaned out too so I am not done yet! lol As long as I don’t have to drink more of that nasty stuff for now I am ok.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and kind words. They truly make me feel good.

:hug: :pray: :hug:

I wonder when the doctors will think up a better way to do this?

I heard about virtual colonoscopies, but, even then, the doctor would have to do the flushing out procedure if a polyp was found with
the ct scans.

I empathize with you. That’s such a taxing procedure to endure.

My doctor prescribed Miralax. Now, that stuff is otc.


Sending much :grphug: and sympathy.

:grphug: My sympathy and hope everything goes well for you and makes this part worth the discomfort.

Ugh. My grandmother had to have that and she is what? Seventy something, I think too lazy for math and so aside from the grossness of that, she was weak as all hell. :confused: Then the “lovely” nurses weren’t helping her out. My mother was doing everything to clean her up since she couldn’t go to the washroom.

My mother also went and walked into the “employees only” area to get new clean stuff for my nan. When I pointed it out, she said “So? They’re not doing it.”

Good luck with your surgery. Hopefully it’s much easier than my nan’s was. (They’d only given her less than 10% chance of living through the surgery.)

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. :hug:

Up and at em ready for the test today. I just want to get the darn thing over with. I am supposed to go around 8 for the 9 appt. The hospital is only 5 miles from here.

I came through the first surgery fine and believe me the surgery doesn’t scare me a bit. I came out of surgery and didn’t have pain with the surgery at all, just pain from gas build up that was awful. It gradually went away and I got well quickly so I expect the same thing this time. I am a pretty positive person so I am sure everything will go fine. I have the most wonderful husband who takes excellent care of me. I just have to do the go lightly route again before surgery, but I am taking the suggestion of getting crystal light, a package of koolaid or something to put into it to see if that helps.

Thanks for all your lovely thoughts!! I will let you know how I come out when I get back home later.