Sites to learn Crochet?

So my mom tried to teach me years ago but she’s right handed and I’m left and she didn’t have the patience. After recently finding 2 patterns in crochet that I really wanted but couldn’t do and having a friend make them for me I want to at least attempt to learn to crochet.

So anyone have any links or books to reccomend?

This site has illustrations that show how the various stitches are made for left handed people. Hope that helps.

Here is a site for both right and left handed people:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Hi i to am trying to learn to crochet and knitting has always been so easy. But always up to a challenge. I purchased “The Happy Hooker” from the stitch and bitch author and it has helped a bunch. If you have questions you can email or message me. trust me i am going through the trenches with you. lol:hug: [/FONT]

Another is the Lion website, though the instructions are given for right handers.

Thank you all so so much!!

malama25- can you find that book on Amazon? maybe I should check it out too

Yes you can, the name is Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet “The Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller. She is originally a knitter but has written this book step by step everything you ever needed to know to get started is in there. It’s written with step by step photo’s, my mother is an avid crocheter and she found that the book made her better when it came to technique. And the book has simple patterns that are cute and make you feel less helpless. Hope if you purchase it you find it helpful. Also youtube has some neat videos on basic technique. Right now working on the Seija Set baby hat and blanket pattern that is in the book only been crocheting two weeks and so far my project is over half done and even. :happydance:

Thank you so much!! I’ll check it out on amazon asap :slight_smile: You totally rock :slight_smile:

I know lots of the members like the book but I never really saw the point to it. I have been crochet and knitting for over 45 years and there are better books on the market than that one! The videos and links available on the internet are great!!!

Hooked On Needles has lots of beginner crochet videos, but none for left handed folks. Sorry!