Site Weirdness?

Has anyone else been having trouble with this site over the last 24 hours or so? The whole thing was glacially slow - if it loaded at all - for me last night (10pm PDT) and this morning (9am PDT) before I was finally able to access it an hour or two later. I was going into withdrawal! :frowning: Then this afternoon I was getting an error message for about an hour when trying to open the forums. :?? Any idea what’s up?

I got an error message just a little bit ago, but got in just fine now. My guess is somebody is doing some behind the scenes fixes/updates or the server is having issues. (Servers do that occasionally, whether we give them permission or not!)

I e-mailed Amy today and she said that Sheldon was working on it! :thumbsup:

:muah: :muah: We love you, Sheldon! :muah: :muah:

yeah, around 1000 Pacific today I couldn’t load it.
seemed to be fine for me after 1200.

I was having problems on my iBook a little while ago. So, I came in the office here and tried out the iMac. It’s working fine, but I haven’t tried the iBook again. :thinking: I was worried that it was ME. I’m relieved to hear it’s actually their database or something. :whew:

I had problems yesterday, sometimes I’d get an error, or other times it would take forever to load a page, seems fine today though

Hm. I’m curious too why it says there were views but no replies? :??

lol that usually comes from people reading a question but not knowing the answer. I will sometimes give up trying answer something if i know that my answer isn’t going to make sense too (not sure that applies to this answer though…lol)

Don’t worry…there is almost always an answer to every question…SOMEONE somewhere usually can help you out!

Plus, every time you view the topic to read the responses counts as another view.

I too had problems accessing late last night as well as this morning, and was going through withdrawal. Probably proof that I should’ve been going to bed at a decent time to sleep rather than chatting on-line, right? :oops: