Site Updates Log (locked thread, no replies, thanks)

This thread is where I keep track of site changes for quick reference. If you have a CD of the site, scroll down to relevant dates, to see what’s new on the site since your CD was created.

For efficiency, this is a locked thread, and cannot be posted to by others.

Nov 24th updates:

Free Patterns
I’ve completely re-done the Free Patterns page, for the most part thanks to FaeryCrafty’s incredible list of hundreds of free online patterns. I looked through ALL of her links, and put up my fav’s!! Thanks FaeryCrafty!

I also discovered other free patterns as I went, and put up those too. I was up until 6:30 am this morning, adding all of the patterns! (And completely wide awake, I was so into it!) Phew! I’ll be looking at more patterns today, and may add even more.

Getting Started
I’ve revised this page, which I’ve been desperately wanting to do.

Basic Techniques/ More
Advanced Techniques

These pages now have more videos. I got tired of waiting for the sun to come out (I’d been shooting exclusively in sunlight, for it’s great lighting). I finally created an indoor set up bright enough to be of decent quality. Which means: more videos will be coming soon, sunshine or no!


Oops, I thought I posted last week’s updates. Here they are.

Last week I added to these pages:
Free Patterns
Basic Techniques/More
Advanced Techniques
Getting Started

Yesterday I added to:
Basic Techniques/More. --Video on doing ribbing (alternating knit and purl)


TONS of updates!

First of all: the videos are now half the size!! Woohoo! We re-compressed them all. The quality is just as good, and they are much faster to download. If you went to the site yesterday, and some videos weren’t working for you, it was because of this updating process. All should be working now. (If not, let me know!) Also, I re-filmed some of the ones that didn’t have sound, to have sound.

Free Patterns
Now over 550 free patterns! All with pictures! And book links to my favorite books!

New sampler includes 2 new basic increases, very easy and useful! Plus, I’ve re-named some that don’t have standard names, with easier-to-remember names. I got rid of two increases that are less common.

New sampler includes a great new left slanting decrease–the best match to K2tog out there!: “SSP.” With video of course.

Basic Techniques/More
Basic Stitches like Stockinette, Garter & Seed Stitch
A few new videos on correcting mistakes
Winding a center pull ball
Two new methods of joining yarn

Advanced Techniques
Working the heel of a sock!
Three more methods of circular knitting, including Magic Loop
Double Knitting!
Wrapping stitches for a short row
Loop stitch & Elongated stitch

Cast Ons

Invisible provisional Cast-on

Version 1.0 CD-Rom of my site includes all of the above.


Site Corrections:

The SSP continental video was linked to the wrong video (linked to “SPP,” can you see how I got them confused?! LOL). It’s now linked to the correct video.

Getting Started & Free Patterns/Children’s clothes
The video on assembling the baby poncho didn’t have audio. It does now.

Advanced Techniques
In two videos on circular knitting, I said that twisting the stitch on the needle will give you a mobius strip. This is incorrect. If you want a mobius strip, you must knit a rectangle, then, with one half turn of one end, sew the ends together. As I (now) understand it (thanks to Arkie Frannie who corrected me), it’s not possible to get a mobius strip while knitting in the round! I’ve edited the videos to omit this incorrect comment.

A few minor changes:

Basic Techniques/More:
2 new images for joining yarn

Basic Techniques/Knit:
A new picture for Looking-Glass Knitting

Basic Techniques/Purl:
The video for Purling English style was accidently linked to an old version that didn’t have sound. It’s now linked to the video with sound.

A few minor text changes throughout the site.

Oh, and I just added a new “Products” page for buying the CD, and other future products. It’s linked to from the home page.

I just added an “About Me” page.


I just added a list of 100 Things about me! Linked to from the About Me page.

More Patterns!

There’s a whole “New” section on the patterns page, for Bags and Purses.

Actually, I created it along with all the other pattern pages, but managed to overlook it and not put a link to the page on the navigation page! Woops! Thanks to Beldaraan, who dropped a hint on one of the threads, about wanting a page like this, I realized my mistake!

New Icon
I’m using a third video icon now, it looks like this:

This icon represents videos that apply to both Continental and English knitters. Nuno suggested this on the forum. Great idea! (Formerly I’ve been using the pink icon for these videos.)

If you have a CD, this is not a major change; the videos on the site are the same. Just know that if a video show only one icon, that it is intended to be viewed by both Continental and English knitters.

Changes I’ve made fairly recently…

Fixed corrupt videos!!!
The CD’s videos were all working perfectly, but many videos viewed on the live site were cutting off half way through! It was corrupt software I’d been using to edit the videos. Luckily I managed to find a way to fix them, without re-shooting them all! (Phew!)

Getting Started page
Some new instructions good for beginners. A few new photos of the same free patterns.

Yay, a new Picture on the front page, finally! (Welcome Spring!)

Also, I finally neatened up the Free Patterns links, sorry it took so long.

Yippee, a new KH logo is up!

I’ve also created official KH buttons that folks can download to use to link to this site. Talk about them here if you like. :slight_smile:

Site Updates!

We’ve got a lovely new yarn photo in the header, and a new picture of me on the front page of the site. Best of all, more videos!

Advanced Techniques
Buttonhole video has been reshot–a single video with sound
A few videos were moved to Basic Techniques/More section

Basic Techniques/More
Demo of a small project
Knit-in Join
Double Knit-in Join
Duplicate Stitch join
(and a small new section on Finishing, including a few links and a video on…)
Mattress Stitch

I’ve also received permission from the designer of the Heart Double Knit Hot Pad pattern to publish her cool hot-pad/ pot-holder pattern on this site. (This is the pattern I demonstrate with in the Double Knitting video.) It’s here.

While I was at it, I revised and neatened up my other free patterns. They all have video links to all the relevant skills to make each pattern. Handy!

Version 1.3 of the CD contains these changes.


What I’ve called the “Fair Isle” method on this site should really be called “Stranding” (or “Double Stranding” in the case where I carry one yarn in each hand). Fair Isle is a style of knitting which is [I]done [/I]by Stranding. I use the term innacurately in the video.

Sheldon’s made us some pretty new video icons! Actual videos are the same still, just the little pink and blue squares look different. I won’t be releasing a new version of the CD for this, since it’s so minor, so expect CD’s to have the original video icons still.

Sheldon’s also put up a new pic of me on the front page.

Happy Anniversary KH! Our site is 1 year old today! :balloons: