Site to purchase labels

Does anyone have a favorite site they use to purchase personalized labels for FO /gifts?

I just placed an order with

They take about 3 weeks to make and ship. I haven’t seen the finished product, but the dealings I’ve had with them seem professional.

I also have searched on and there are a few on there. I can’t speak to their quality, but they do have a rating scaled for each supplier, so that might help.

I have twice ordered fromhere
it is UK, but I liked it…

I wanted something paper you could fasten to the item, so I asked my sister to make one for me (she is a much better paper and pen artist than I am). If you wanted something like that, I think you could ask any graphic designer to design one for you to copy onto nice paper.

Joann’s sells them in their stores here. They’re made of embroidery with a line for you to write your name on it. A friend of mine is a new crocheter, and made some scarves for gifts. We found them at Joann’s, and they were six in the pack for under $5.00 if I remember.

I haven’t checked Joann’s website, but they may be there too.

I find it much more fun to make my own. This site tells you how. It allows you to create labels that blend in or coordinate with whatever project you are labeling.

I also make my own using this method. They are easy to make and really turn out well!

that is a really cool idea…I am just sorry I don’t have an inkjet printer anymore…well…not really…I love my laser printer…but none the less…iron on transfers are no longer an option for me…

:inlove: Even better! Thanks for the link.

I have never seen or tried them, but Brother makes a label tape that you can iron on. It works with their P-Touch label printers. You can buy the printers for $15 on up to a couple hundred depending on features.