Sitcom Chic Cardigan help

I am knitting the Sitcom Cardigan, size M. I have made some errors and had to rip out a few rows. I am to the point where I have to start the yoke detailing. Before I do the “detailing” row (YO, K2TOG) could someone tell me what the stitch count should be for the right and left fronts (size M)?

Thanks for your time!

Before you add the sleeves, the note says “(STITCH COUNT: The Right & Left Fronts are each 35 [40, 44, 46] sts; the Back is 71 [81, 87, 91] sts.)”. Then you dec 2 sts for each front every other row for 9 times, so that’s 18 sts less. That seems like it would leave 22 sts. You still continue to dec on the RS row though, so that takes it down 2 more sts. So it would seem that you should have 20 sts when you start this row and you don’t do the decs on it.

Thank you!! I was doing the math wrong and coming up with an uneven number which I new had to be wrong.

I think my math was right, though now that you mention it… I was subtracting 2 sts for the decs but there’s only one on each front, so maybe I am wrong. I was taking both fronts as one piece rather than 2. Doh!!

So each front starts with 40 sts, you dec [B]9[/B] sts on each, and that would leave 31. It’s basically half the back number minus 1 st, so lessee… the back is 81 sts, subtract 18 for the decreases which leaves 63, minus 1 and half that is 31 sts. So that’s the actual number and I’m sorry for misleading you.

Thanks again. I’m happy we knitters have somewhere to go for help!