Sister knits! yay!

Today I taught my little sister to knit! Take a look at her knitting. No dropped stitches or increases, just twists; she’s trying to cable already?! :roflhard:

That’s great, she’s doing well. You must be a good teacher.

thank you!

it looks great!! looks like you did a great job teaching her!!

That’s so cute! She’ll be so proud when she binds off for the first time :slight_smile: What a great teacher you are!!! And a great sister!

Good job, gymnast!

thank you!

She’s doing a great job. Tell her we all said so. :slight_smile:

more pix!!!

Oooooh, great progress!
Very cute.


hooray!! Wow, she’s doing great! You are obviously a wonderful teacher :thumbsup:

thx again! now there are 2 yarn addicts in the house!! :roflhard: