Sister is getting married... need a pattern

My sister is getting married and will not be wearing a gown. She wants something very low key. Infact, she will be getting married at the courthouse and we will celebrate with her at a reception later on. I want to knit something for her to wear that is elegant, but not formal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :notworthy:

Congrats to your sister. Maybe a bolero/shrug or a shawl.

I’ve alway thought I do was pretty. Even the name seems appropriate!

I guess I’m looking for a (pretty easy - I’m still wet behind the ears) dressy sweater (lacey), shawl, shrug, or wrap pattern. Something elegant and lightweight to be worn OVER a dress top or tank. Thanks in advance!

Oh ok, how about Clapotis. With the right yarn it could be perfect. Tons of people here have made one so if you need any help at all I ma sure you’d find an answer! I made mine with a ribbon yarn. I have never gotten so many compliments on anything I have worn as I did with my clap and a simple dress.

How old is your sister? Depending on how casual she wants…I like Maisy or Nicky. Dagmar would be a little dressier I think and it looks SUPER EASY! I also agree that “I do” is beautiful and I also like Cozy. Shimmer is also nice and looks as though it would be a quick and not so difficult project.

Good luck with your search!

How about a lacy scarf - I think many of them go equally well with jeans or an evening dress, very versatile. Branching Out from Knitty (free) or a Whisper Scarf from Fiddlesticks Knitting (not free) maybe? Or check out other lace at or
Or maybe the best way to get something she will like to wear is to ask her?