Sissy is a sweater girl!



Do you remember SWEATER GIRLS? ( In the 1950’s.) I knit this doggie sweater for Sissy last night! My Dad loves it. :teehee: What do you think?

Susan :knitting:

Sissy looks very cute in her new sweater and matching ribbon. :slight_smile:

Very cute!! :thumbsup:

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Thanks Julie!!!

I like it. It’s so easy and fast. I couldn’t believe.


Sissy is a darling:muah:Nice sweater too. :thumbsup:


Hi ladies!

Thakns for all of the compliments. But as I look at her picture again, I FORGOT TO BRISH HER HAIR BEFORE TAKING THE PICTURE. :teehee: It’s a mess after pulling a sweater over her head. She didn’t fuss at all with me putting it on here. It’s so soft and strechy.

Thank You Again!

Susan :knitting:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]