Sirdar Sublime phoebe pink cropped blazer help needed!

I’m new here but am struggling with a Sirdar Sublime phoebe pattern. In each row on the front pieces there are similar instructions but after a different number of stitches e.g. knit to last 10 then s1, k1, psso, m1, k8 then suddenly it stops as says things like ‘as before’.
Has anyone knitted this pattern and able to help me?

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It may help to place a marker before the decreases or increases in these instructions. The number of sts to work before them may change due to the decrease or increase but the placement will be along a line at either the collar or the armhole edge.

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Thanks. I’m beginning to think it goes along a line and this may be what they mean but decreases are everybother row and increases every 4!

Yes, you will be working the collar and the front at the same time. It may help to write down the row numbers and note which rows to increase on and which to decrease on. Check them off as you knit.