Sirdar Studio

I have an old pattern that requires Sirdar Studio in 50gm balls - anybody have any info on make up of wool?

I can’t find anything online about a yarn called Sirdar Studio. Is the pattern online so you can link to it? I’d use whatever yarn I liked that would work to the same gauge and produce a fabric that I like.

Thank you for replying - No the pattern is not on line - it for a friend and was trying to help. l have already suggested a wool content wool.

I’m confused. In the first post you asked for info on make up of wool and in your last post you say I have already suggested a wool content wool.

I don’t know where you are but will presume you’re in a place that refers to all yarns as wool. In the US where I am wool is generally used to mean wool fiber content in yarn. I looked for Sirdar Studio yarn but it seems that Sirdar Studio isn’t a particular yarn. I want to help but don’t really know what you’re asking. I’ll assume I’m simply dense and expect that someone else will be able to help.

Sorry l didn’t make myself clear - I did sugget another wool but also said l would try and find out what the content of the studio wool(yarn) was. The pattern she showed me wasout of an old mgazine and must be at least 20+ yeaars old (could not see a date). Tried Ravellry where l normally find out about the wools. The only thing that really concerns me is the yardage. l don’t want her to get the aount of wool it suggests and end up short. Thank you for your time and effort and for getting back to me and you are not dense. lt is me for not explaing more clearly.
Once again thank you.

What is the pattern for? Do you know what weight class the yarn would be? Can you go by gauge and determine the weight class if it’s not clear from the description in the pattern?

I’d find something similar on Ravelry to determine yardage and then buy an extra ball or if I really like the yarn and it’s a great buy I’d get several extras. lol

Is the name of the yarn given? Something like “Classic” maybe? (Just an example to try to let you know what I’m asking, on the Sirdar Yarns site I see Classic and it probably has subcategories.)

Here is Sidar yarns.