Sirdar snuggly 4508 pattern

Hi all,

Can anyone help on the sleeves for this pattern please? Doing size 4 and have completed the first 6 rows which form my pattern.

Next set of instructions has me stumped and I have no idea what to do next. It says I have to work 30 rows increasing 1 at at each end of 3rd and every following 10th row. Till I have 45 stitches.

I currently have 39 stitches and have to work in pattern but the first row has an increase at the start and end and if I continue without increasing I only have enough instructions to work 37 stitches so I have 0 clue on how to get the sleeves finished.

Any help will be grateful. I’ve attached images of the pattern. Fingers crossed someone out there can understand it.


Those increases on 3rd and foll 10th row are not instead of the increases listed in the set pattern (rows 1 to 6) which covers 39 stitches. They are in addition to the set pattern.
Rows 1 and 2 as pattern, 39 stitches
Row 3 Inc 1 St, work pattern of 39 sts, Inc 1 St (41 stitches)
Row 4 work pattern now with 41 stitches
Row 5 keep your lace pattern in line with the previous rows (this stitch and later on when you have a few extra stitches remain as stockinette either side of the lace pattern…just keep your lace going straight, it says to work the increased stitches into the pattern so on this row you have an extra stitch each end. Row 5 rather than k2 it will now be knit 3 as you take the new stitch into consideration and maintain centre 39 stitch lace. If you have enough additional stitches to create more of the lace pattern then you can do so)

The increases are rows 3, 13, 23 (you are working to row 30) so that is 6 increases. 39 + 6 = 45 which works out correct.

I hope this makes sense for you. Do say if it is not clear and you need more help.



Thanks so much for replying to me. This is making more sense now.

So I’ve already worked 6 rows so already have 39 stitches, if I start again row 1 already has 39 stitches so I still increase? Rather than in the 3rd row?

I’m probably just confusing myself.

The 6 rows you have done sets the pattern for your lace so you will continue to keep repeating these 6 rows over and over even though you might be counting a different set of rows at the same time.
The next part asks you to work 30 rows so you will be counting these as rows 1 to 6 to keep your lace repeat pattern going but will ALSO count 1 through to 30 for this part of the instruction
The 30 rows have their own instructions for increases which are in addition to any instruction in the 6 row pattern repeat.
Youve done 6 rows now count again from row 1
Do row 1 of your 6 pattern rows which is also row 1 of your 30 rows (this has no extra increase, 39 stitches)
Row 2 of your 6 pattern rows is also row 2 of your 30 rows (no increase)
Row 3 of your 6 pattern rows is row 3 of your 30. On this row you get to the 3rd row of your 30 so it’s an increase row whether or not your 6 pattern rows said to increase. Think of it almost a 2 different instructions.
Row 3 increases because in the instruction for the 30 rows it says to increase on the 3rd row (and foll 10th) after putting an increase, then turn to your 6 row pattern and work the 39 stitches as described, for your size Inc 0, k2, you still do this it’s just you do it AFTER you have pit an increasenin due to the 30 row instruction.
Having an instruction to Inc 0 times on a row where elsewhere you are told to increase on the 3rd row is somewhat confusing. But its only this once that you put the increase in, its not part of your 6 row pattern repeat.

After row 6
Row 7 of 30 is row 1 of 6 pattern rows
Row 8 of 30 is row 2 of 6 patterns rows
Row 9 of 30 is row 3 of 6 pattern rows
Row 10 of 30 is row 4 of 6
Row 11 of 30 is row 5 of 6
Row 12 of 30 is row 6 of 6
Row 13 of 30 IS INCREASE ROW (this is the foll 10th after previous inc) and it is row 1 of 6

Please excuse the bit of Upper case text above I don’t mean to shout, but do want to point out where the next increase comes.

Not sure if this helps to clear it up?

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Hang in. I see what you’re saying. You actually started with 37 stitches before the 6 rows of pattern and by the end you were on 39. Which means if you follow the 6 rows you end up increasing by 2 stitches every 6 rows, which will end up being more than just the 6 increases which are intended during the 30 row working.

I’m glaring at it now!

I was about to shout out to salmonmac to help out but I see a reply being typed already.
Thank you @salmonmac
Sorry @Ems0703 for adding to the confusion. I didn’t realise until later you had 37 not 39 stitches initially.

Darling pattern!
Just to be clear, ignore the increase at the beginning and end of row 1 when you repeat the 6 row pattern. The new instructions are to increase on row 3, 13 and 23.

The lace pattern remains in place and should stay aligned. You will have to account for the new increases at beginning and end of rows 3,13 and 23 when you work those sts in stockinette on the following rows. Just remember to watch the lace pattern already established and keep it aligned.


Thanks so much everyone. I’ll give it a good go.

Fingers crossed I get this one to work.

Emsy xx