Sirdar Peru 8820 - HELP - first real project after scarves

This is my first ever project after squares, scarves and mobile phone covers.

OK so the pattern is Sirdar Peru 8820. A tank top.

I have complete the back. I have 39 stitches on my needles. It says cast of 39 stitches. Which i can do. Then it says

" place markers markers to indicate back of neck at each side of centre" [23] sts.

I know how to place markers with some coloured thread but what is the 23 all about and what is each side of centre. I know it probably makes sense to the rest of the world but not me.


Of your 39 sts, mark off the 23 that are in the middle of them. That would be 8 sts in from the edges. You’ll need that later to show you where to either sew the shoulders seams or for picking up sts for a neckband. Or something. You can read ahead to the finishing instructions to see what you’ll do with them if you want.


WOW i think that makes sense. Cast off put a marker on the 8th st and then put a marker on the 8th st from the end.

Why did it not just say that.


Yes i am begining to learn that bit. I think am stuck on the next bit now LOL. I like a challenge but this is a task, am dreading the collar.

just finished the complete back :woohoo: :cheering: :woot: