Sirdar pattern 5248

I hope that someone can help me. I am knitting with the above pattern and have a problem with the right front.

I am knitting the second size and row 4 of the right front does not give the full instructions for the number of stitches, it says k30,cast off 1 St, k9, cast off 1 St.3 Times, k5. But I start with 71 stitches on my needle, so the instructions don’t fit.

Also the pattern advises that row 4 is the buttonhole row but the pattern doesn’t mention the buttonhole again.

Sorry for the questions but I was doing so well

Welcome to KH!

It sounds like you’re almost finished.
k30,cast off 1 St, (k9, cast off 1 St)3 Times, k5

The row is just one stitch off. It adds up to 70sts but you could make it work by knitting 31sts before the first cast off.
You need to use 2sts in order to cast off one.
Knit 31, knit 2 more sts then lift the first stitch over the 2nd and off the needle. Now knit 9 more sts. The right needle will have 31sts, a gap where the stitch was bound off then 10sts. Continue to bind off in this way until the last 5 sts.

The cast off stitches will form 4 buttonholes. It’s likely that on the next row you’ll cast on one stitch at each gap.

Thank you so much, it makes complete sense now. Really appreciate your help.

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