Sirdar Pattern 1592 - Baby Sweater

Hoping someone has worked this pattern and can help. I am completing the ribbed edging version of the baby sweater in size 0-3 months. Currently using Main color (Confetti yarn) and have 26 stitches on the needle. I have completed the 7" and as I read the next instruction - I’m stuck. “P0 (inc in next st purlways) 8 times, P0. 16 stitches.” How can I have 26 - increase 8 times and only have 16 - or does it mean an additional 16 stitches? And if I’m increasing - do I just spread them out across the 26?

Is there anyone here who has used this pattern and can help me through this step? [Here’s the link to Herrschners where I purchased it:]


I think we need more of the instructions to help you,what comes after this?

At work with pattern at home - though I wish I was there with it now. :eyebrow:
So I don’t have it in front of me at the moment - but the next step is change to the contrast yarn (which is a lighter weight yarn) and do the 2x2 ribbing (starts with K1, P2 and then K2, P2 ).
Based on the picture this is a rib similar to the bottom of the sweater (the bottom used 54 stitches). So I’m wondering if they want me to have 34 stitches to rib at the neck.

Now home with pattern:
The step P0, (inc in next st purlways) 8 times, p0 is in M on 10.5 needles. [end of the main body going back to the ribbing]
The next step (both front and back) is "Change to US 3 needles and C and proceed as follows: -
1st row. P1, *k2, p2, rep from * to last 3 sts, k2, p1.
2nd row. K1, p2, *k2, p2, rep from * to last st, k1.
1st and 2nd rows set 2x2 rib.
Work 6 rows more in rib.
Cast off in rib.

[C= contrast yarn - Snuggly DK. M = main yarn - Snuggly Confetti]

Perhaps I am channeling Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
Tonight - I decided once again I’ll reread - maybe even read to the end. Hmmm - where lo and behold it talked about stitches that were on the stitch holder. And me wondering - where did those come from? Well as it turns out - the directions before the offending row were “Work as for Back of Sweater (that would be the version without the rib) from ** to ****” And since I kept reading this ** to *** I missed about 4 rows of instruction. :oops: Which meant I didn’t realize I was working on the cute Shoulder edging (even though it said that) and not on the Neck Edging. :doh:

So lesson learned - I will read the pattern from beginning to end when I am in a spot I just can’t figure.

Many thanks to all who read and helped.