Sirdar iran family sweater pattern

I am knitting a sweater for my great grandson size 2-3 but the pattern seems to have a mistake. row 2 does work with row 1
r1 is p3 kb1 p3 kb1 p2 t3f t3b t3f p2 then kb1 p3 tb1
then on row 2 it says 3 p1 i3 p1 then 2 p2k2 p4 k3 this doesnt match row 1 and the stitches come out incorrect . what do I do to make the rows correct. the first row is starting the cables and the secnd row messes up the cable …do I just follow the stitches such as when I come to a k do it instead of following the pattern? the pattern is #5292 of iran family sweaters by sirdar
thank you

What is ‘i3’? Was that a typo for ‘k3’ or does it mean ‘inc 3’? In a cable pattern, on a row that doesn’t have the crossing sts, you normally work the sts as they appear - knit the knits and purl the purls.

Could you write out both rows exactly as shown on the pattern, row 2 seems to have some things missing so it’s hard to count the stitches the way you’ve presented it.

row 1 p3 kb1 p3 kb1 p2 t3f t3b t3f p2 kb1 p3 kb1 p2 t3f t3b t3f p2 kb1 p3 kb1 p4 c4b p4 c4f p4 kb1 p3 kb1 p2 t3f t3b t3f p2 kb1 p3 kb1 p2 t3f t3b t3f p2 b1 p3 kb1 p3
row 2 k3 p1 k3 p1 k2 p2 k2 p4 k3 p1 k3 p1 (2 times)
k4 p4 (2 times) k4 p1 k3 p1
k2 p2 k2 p4 k3 (2 times) p1 k3 p1 k3
but it seems the beginning of row 2 doesnt match row 1
thank you Bev

I’m not getting this either. I think the t3f type instructions mean c3f. Is there a section before this pattern where they tell you what the abbreviations mean? You might want to check and see. If nothing else, on the purl row, I would look at the stitches. knit the knits and purl the purls and see how it looks. Knit stitches are going to look like the letter V and the purls are going to look like the necks on turtleneck sweaters.

The t3f t3b are twists (essentially cables). There is an error somewhere in row 2 because the total number of sts doesn’t add up but amazingly, that isn’t a problem. The beginning of the directions for row 2 actually are correct. The sts are the opposite of the sts on row 1 but they are arranged (correctly) in knitting shorthand. It just doesn’t appear to reflect the twists in row 1.
The lady in PJs is correct: on the back row, just knit the sts that look like knits and purl the sts that look like loops and all will be well…

the pattern does state the two different stitches t3f and t3b are the twist cables but the incorrect second row does start out correct but when you get to the cable twist 2 stiches in front t3f dont match because k2 and p2 are not following the pattern. I will try to just follow the stitches as they are …I have knitted this sweater for my grandson who is almost 14 now i took a knit class and he was 3 at the time…the teached helped me and didnt remark about the incorrect print of the pattern…I hope to get this finished for my 2 yr great grandson …so thank you for all your help…another
thing is I have went to 2 different knit shops that have classes and
they couldnt figure it out either…Im determinged to complete this …
thank you again…

Yes, you’ll be fine just reading the sts on the wrong side rows and workng them as they appear…
But just out of curiosity, what are the pattern directions for the t3f and t3b?