Sirdar Bonus Aran Jumper Design no 10225 Neck help!

Hi, I’ve got to the end of my jumper now and just have the neck to do but I;m struggling, I have picked all the stitches up including the back neck ones but now do I knit the neck in the round?



It looks like the neck is knit in the round - does the pattern not specify? I can’t see any seams in the photos on Ravelry! Presumably you have already seamed the sweater pieces together? Knitting in the round will give the neck a nice finish!

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I’ve looked on a few different sites for the materials needed for this sweater and only single pointed needles, cable needle and stitch holders are listed. None of them have double pointed or circular needles listed which would be needed for knitting in the round.

Have you seamed both shoulders? Or just one?

Can you check in the pattern if it said to seam one shoulder prior to knitting the neck collar or if it stated to seam both shoulders?

With flat knitting usually the left (as you wear it) shoulder seam is left open which means the picked up stitches all around the neck can be knit flat, back and forth in rows. After finishing the neck, then you would seam the left shoulder and neck seam in one smooth seam.

There’s no harm doing it in the round though if you have the needles needed. You might just need to check you have the right number of stitches to get the rib pattern correct in the round. The pattern might have allowed for a stitch to be taken up in the seam so if you are to have no seam you might need a stitch less.

It’s a lovely pattern!

Wherever you’re up to I’m sure people here can help you through this last stage.


Thank you so much!

I haven’t joined both shoulders just the right one as you look at it so I will be able to just knit straight I guess. I’m putting it off as this is a step up for me and I’m scared of messing it up!! God knows what it will look like when I have managed to piece it all together :blush:

Thank you very much for getting back to me Its so good to know there’s help out there!!



Yes I think you can just knit flat.
Maybe just check which shoulder it said to seam because it sounds like you seamed the left shoulder (left as you wear it, right as you look at the front of it infront of you) and I think in the sweaters I’ve made it’s the other shoulder which gets seamed.
I’m not saying to unpick it, it must be possible to work it this way but perhaps you need to check the instructions are the same all the way around, front and back, if not you might need to give some thought to reversing the pattern instructions. For instance it may say start the neck with a right side row and yet you are set up for a wrong side row. One extra row isn’t going to break the bank but I’m just saying check before you set off.
If there is any change needed due to having the opposite shoulder seamed I am sure you can get great help here for it. Maybe not from me! I know just enough to highlight a possible problem (which may not even exist) but not the expertise to solve it.

Hope I haven’t caused further confusion.

Ah ha! That would make sense as my needle is facing the wrong way so I think I got confused as to which seam to join! All a learning curve and I so appreciate your help as I thought I’d have to bin this one!!

Thank you very much.


No, no binning allowed! You’re so close to finishing.

OK, well, if you can’t work out the next step do ask. You can do this, one row at a time.

Also, if you are worried about the next step you can put in a life line now. This means you could rip back to this row without losing your stitches and without having to tink back every individual stitch.

Do you know how to use a life line?

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Ooh, that sounds interesting, no I don’t know how to do this?


Couple of tutorials there.

I prefer to use a thinner thread, like embroidery thread as it altered the tension less in the knitting but it’s not vital, just don’t use a bulkier thread than your project or it will enlarge the stitches in the row.

Really it’s just a thread put through all the stitches in your needle (use a sewing needle like when seaming) and knot the two ends together or secure each end with a slip knot on a stitch holder or safety pin and join to the end stitch, just so the thread can’t fall out.

I’ve used these lots when doing my first lace piece and it gave me a lot of confidence. It’s great to know you’re not going to loose all your work if you go wrong or just don’t like how something looks.

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Oh my giddy aunt If only I’d known about this what a wonderful idea!! Thank you so much!

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I felt the same when I discovered it. Knitting is so much calmer with a life line in place.