Sirdar 9634 pattern help please

Hi, having not done any knitting for over ten years I think I chose a pattern that is confusing me on the first row.
Can anyone answer this question. If it says p3(inc in next st,k1) twice, inc in next st,p3(ytb,s1,yft) 2 times how many stitches should I have on my needle?

I have written it exactly as it is written on the pattern, any help gratefully received. By the way, I am a uk member, are there many of us on the forum?

Thanks xx

I believe “inc in next st” is the same as KFB (knit front and back). Therefore, you should be increasing by 1 st each time you do that maneuver.

I’m counting 16 sts at the end of this row. What are you getting?

p3(inc in next st,k1) twice, inc in next st,p3(ytb,s1,yft) 2 times how many stitches

p3 -[B] 3 [/B]sts
(inc in next st, k1) twice -[B] 6 [/B]sts
inc in next st - [B]2[/B] sts
p3 - [B]3 sts[/B]
(ytb,s1,yft) 2 times - [B]2 slipped sts[/B]

3 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 16

That’s what I thought when I started but when you look at the whole row for the pattern it does not make sense. If I typed it in would you check.? It for me, the numbers just don’t add up, I am sure it is me being dense but I am stumped

Including the entire row would be good. Can you link to the pattern, it’s often helpful. I bolded and then included the numbers at the bottom to add them so you could see how I was counting, I don’t know if I got it right. Sometimes we have X number of people counting and X different total stitch counts at the end. LOL Don’t despair! There are excellent knitters here and it can be figured out.

See if you can work this out cast on 75 stitches then pattern reads as follows
(K1p1) twice,k1"p3(inc in next st),k1) twice,inc in next st,p3( ybk s1 yft p2) 2 times, ybk,s1.yft" rep from “to” 2 times, p3(inc in next st k1) twice, inc in next st,p3,(k1,p1)twice k1. (87 stitches)

I have tried knitting this but I cannot get it to come to 87 stitches when following the pattern, what am I doing wrong? I am sure the answer is simple but your advice will be appreciated, thanks,

You need a bit more spaces, that may help you to read it better. Here’s the sts broken down and I replaced the " with a * as that’s how patterns are usually written -

(K1p1) twice, k1 is 5 sts
p3 - 3
(inc in next st),k1) twice, or kfb k1, kfb, k1 - uses 4 sts, adds 2 for a total of 6
inc in next st, [kfb] uses 1, adds 1 - total is 2
p3 - uses 3
(ybk s1 yft p2) 2 times, [sl1, then p2, sl1, then p2] uses 6, total of 6
- 1 st
at this point you’d have 5+3+6+2+3+6+1 for a total of 26 sts.
rep from to 2 times [repeat from the previous * twice more] - there’s 21 sts in the repeat, twice more is 42 plus the 26 gives you a total of 68 now.

p3 - 3 sts
(inc in next st k1) twice - same as before, 6 sts
inc in next st - 2 sts
p3 - 3 sts
(k1,p1)twice k1. 5 sts
The last section is a total of 19 sts added to 68 is a row total of 87 stitches, just what you should have.

It may be that where it says “rep from " to " 2 times” you’re reading that as do the repeated stitches twice only. But it means ‘2 times [I]more[/I]’ so you would do those stitches 3 times total. Do them once through the first time, then repeat them 2 times.

WhenI count the number of stitches indicated by reading the pattern it does not come to 87, can you see what I mean?,

OK. What I’m seeing is that they have 9 increased they want you to do by the way the pattern is written, but that doesn’t cover you knitting across the 75 stitches that you started with, but if you do that last part from after it says “2 times” 2 times as well you have the right amount of increases 12 (but I didn’t count the total amount of stitches if you do that).

Follow the rest of my post where I break down the stitches and I get 87. I think you’re only doing the repeated stitches twice where you should be doing them 3 times.

Sorry suzeeq, I think part of your post was cut off the first time I read it. I didn’t see it all. Now it makes sense to me at least…

It really does come out to 87sts. You start with 75 and there’s an increase of 12sts to 87sts. Remember that when it says to increase [I]in [/I]the next stitch, that uses one stitch and leaves you with 2sts. Also, as Sue mentioned the repeat is 3 times total.
How many sts do you come out with when you count the row and maybe we can figure out where you’re making a mistake?

Hooray thank you all for your help, problem is solved with your holding my hand through the pattern a great help.I am on my way now and will send a pic when it is finished xx

Oh joy, problem solved, thank you all so much I am on my way and will send a pic when finished. Can’t tell you how happy I am ! Lol xx