Sirdar #1888

I am trying to do the 4 row pattern of the Sirdar #1888

Row 3
k2,* p2, yon, s1, k2tog, psso, yfwd, yrn to last 4 stitches, p2, k2

Row 4
p2, k2, *p3, k2 rep from * to last 2 stitches, P2.

What I do not understand is in row 3 you have a double wrap,
what do you do with the two wraps when you are row 4?

I am making the size 2-3 and I do not end up with 71 stitches
when I have finished the 4 inches of this pattern set. Is there
any place that I can watch a video doing these stitches?

The idea of the yarn forward and then yarn round the needle is to put you in position to work the next purl stitch. So it looks like a single wrap to me. Purl it on row 4.

If the pattern specifically [I]calls[/I] for a double wrap (and that’s possible because the eyelets seem large), drop the first wrap and purl the second on row 4. A double wrap is really just one big loop anyway.

Do you start with 71sts? Rows 3 and 4 keep the stitch count even as I count it: 2sts, a 5st repeat and then 4sts.
Such a sweet pattern!