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Pattern 3 starts right at first bind off. So it hasn’t been established prior to the k2tog decreases.
thanks for the Ravelry information - not making much sense to me at this point as I am trying to match the back and left side ( right front and sleeves).

I wonder if it would help to try the pattern stitch with scrap yarn on a small swatch without any decreases. It would give you a better idea of the pattern and perhaps make it easier to trouble shoot and then work out the decreases.
I’ll try it out too.

I tried this last night - I am going to now try from both the left and right side instruction to see difference. Are you having the same issues? Do you think the purl stitch on both sides is a problem?

OK, for an even number of sts the pattern works out to look like this (similar to my post 6 above):

Disregard the first couple of rows where I was playing around with sts.

The blue dots are on the knit column. This is the middle knit stitch of the k3. The shaky blue circles are the purl column. On the WS these sts appear as knits (a column of Vs and again, the middle knit of the k3). So the k3p1 repeat gives this nice mistake rib over an even number of sts.
As you decrease, you’ll be eating into this pattern. If you work it on a swatch it’ll help you see the pattern and how to continue that pattern even though there are decreases at the armhole edge. Having worked the back and one front, you may not even need the swatch. Is this the pattern stitch you have on the back and left front?

yes same patternon back and left front.and just created on the swatch as suggested- so pattern is correct other than decrease…not as straight forward and knits and purls. Still a little confused but I can see the pattern and just need to work this out with the decrease. curious as to how this works on left and not on right?

I really appreciate your help and support .

That left right difference is odd, alright.
It’s such a sweet pattern. You’re doing a good job of teasing it out.

With your support and help, thanks you- thought I was going to have to “bin” it. I think I can get through it - Ill let you know!! the sleeves are also a problem but I am going to do all 3 of them at same time so my head is on straight and then I don’t have to rethink it.
Many thanks,

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Many thanks for the help. All finished and gifted.




An absolutely beautiful set. Good for you for working out these problematic directions