Sirdar 1575

I’m attempting a beautiful matinee jacket but the holes won’t line up!
I’m confused re yfwd/yon/yrn but think I’m doing it right. However, I always end up with too few stitches to complete the row. Help!!

Welcome to KH. All of these - yfwd, yon, yrn - are UK terms and translated to American mean to make a yo. You can post a line or two from the pattern for more specific help. Is this the pattern?

Yarn over video

Thanks GrumpyGramma,
Yes, this is the pattern. Very pretty, but I can’t get the holes to align as they do in the picture.

Are you using a stitch when you make the yarn over? That could be why you end with fewer sts than you need to complete the row.
When you do the yarn over, just bring the yarn over the right needle or around it or whatever it takes with your stitch pattern. That’s it. Then go on to the next stitch on the row.

You can post a row or two from your pattern if you’re still having trouble. That’s a cute pattern.

When I see a yfwd I bring the yarn to the front of my work and knit the next stitch rather than purling it. When I see a yon I wrap the yarn across the top of the needle from the back of my work to the front, then under the needle and out again at the back. When I see a yrn I wrap the yarn from front to back across the top of the needle and back underneath to the front.