Sioux Falls, SD knitters

Are there any knitters in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. I’m fairly new to knitting and would love to have someone close in the area to share ideas/patterns with. :knitting:

I just moved to Madison from Sioux Falls. I was a regular since January at the Thursday night group at The Yarn Knit. That’s in the 8th St Depot. Tracy is the employee who manages those and she’s extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The group is mostly newer knitters and the atmosphere is very fun. They’re at the very back of the lot, closer to 10th than 8th. If you’re ever over there, Sanaa’s restaurant is a must try.

There’s also another group at Athena Fibers that runs at the same time. I never attended that group, but I have gone in to ask questions of the store owner. She’s also willing to help and is very interesting to talk to, if a little intimidating at first. :wink: Her store is absolutely beautiful. It’s on the first story of an older house and she has a knit area set up with chairs near a bunch of windows. There are a bunch of scarves hanging from the mantle and it’s just pretty. It’s a little hidden, though. If you’re on Western and 41st, head south to the laundromat, make a left. The road makes a T-intersection eventually and you’ll want to make a right at that. The store is three or four houses down, I think. There’s a sign, so you shouldn’t miss it.

I’m on the Western side of the state T_T

Thanks for the great info lostchyld. I will make sure that I check out both stores.

I am in the South Central portion of SD. Approx 2 1/2 hours from SF. We have a son in SF so we get over there quite often. I am new to knitting also. I have knitted one scarf and now I am knitting a hat. The scarf is a little deformed ( I picked up some stitiches in the middle ) but you dont really notice that. I like it. We’ll see about the hat. :thumbsup:

Love this site !!

Hi Olive Oil,
Thanks for your reply. Good luck on the hat! Right now I’m working on a baby blanket and a pair of socks for my oldest daughter. I work overnights at on of the hospitals as a switchboard operator, so that gives me time to knit when it’s quiet at work. I agree with you–I love this site too!!!

I’m a new wanna-be knitter, am planning on having time to really play after Christmas. I live in Vermillion & haven’t been to a true knitting store but am looking forward to exploring those in SF. Brenda, are you still out there knitting?