…is making me want to die.

i have never had a sinus infection before. on saturday, i noticed that when i moved my left eye around in its socket, it hurt. a lot. and i had a headache that just wouldn’t quit. so, off to the doctor on monday. after seeing two doctors, and getting an MRI (!!! - most expensive way to diagnose a sinus infection, ever! - good thing i have medical insurance), they have decided i have sinusitis. and that it’s going to take days before the pain goes away. up to a week, even. i think i may just drill a hole in my head to let the pain out. blargh. when will the pain go away? it’s affecting my ability to knit!

rant over.

I get sinusitis about 3 times a year - it really, really sucks :frowning:


I sit in the shower room with the shower going on as hot as possible to get as much steam as I can, dose up on echinacea and sudafed decongestants, and antibiotics. And I sleep - the pressure behind my eyes always convinced my body that I’m really sleepy.

But it does go away - just got through my last bout about a week ago, couldn’t knit for 5 days! Argh!

Good news is, once it starts going away, it usually goes fast.

Good luck more hugs

have you had mucinex?
it is amazing, only thing that got me through I think 6 infections in the past year.
take more than it says.
(I think it says to take one and my doctor told me to take two?)

be glad you don’t have to have The Operation, and be careful not to blow your nose too hard!! it makes it worse.

sorry for your pain, I can very much empathize, and hope you feel better soon.

oh they are so ew! i hate sinus infections. i had three this year after never having one before and the pain made me go nutso. it was mostly in my teeth and ears. i don’t ever want another one again. good luck :hug: and i hope you get better soon, so you can knit!

another one that can relate… it is awful and I don’t get any knitting done either during that time…the last really bad one I had where I was on the couch and dh was home taking care of the kids was last year… since then I’ve been using the neti pot during my bad times… might wanna check with your dr…mine doesn’t like the neti pot cause its not convential but like I told her I feel human again and I have energy again so neti pot here I come…:teehee:

:hug:I hope you feel better soon… try to stay out of the a/c rooms if you can…take hot showers… don’t even turn on the a/c in your car for a bit till the pressure lets up…there is a severe sinus/decongestants you can get over the counter I think sudafed? I always ask my local drug store what I should take…mucinex works too…a lot of the time though you will need an antibotic…

I always get a knot on the back of my head too…dh’s dr (who also works on backs etc) will work on my neck and cause that to open up… instant relief but I don’t like doing that unless I HAVE to makes me nervous someone making my neck pop. :oo:

i have sinus trouble to
what is neti pot

Hereis a link for it… again you may wanna check with your dr before you decide to use one… it is gross sounding… and if you watch Oprah they showed how to use it on of her shows… might catch it this summer as a re-run…:thumbsup:

I feel your pain. :hug:I get 4-5 sinus infections a year, so I know what it feels like. Mucinex is good stuff, and also the neti pot can help. I found something like it at my local drug store called [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]SinuCleanse. My doctor suggested it, and it does provide some relief.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Also, since I’m prone to them, I’ve found that any time I start to get a cold, if I immediately start a combination of zicam and airborne, it helps to stave off the sinus infections. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]And, I can’t knit either when I have a sinus infection. :hug: [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Ugh, sinus infections are horrible. When I’m having sinus trouble I like to boil a pot of water and put a spoonful of Vicks Vapor Rub in it. Let it melt then get under a towel with your face near the pot (not too close though!) and breathe in the wonderfulness of the Vicks steam. I know it says on the Vicks package that you’re not supposed to do this but I get addicted when I’m sick. It really makes you feel better![/COLOR]

yuk but i will ask my doctor

Another thing I use a lot instead of medicated nose sprays is a product called Sterimar - it’s a standard spray thing with purified salt water in it, keeps your nose moisturised and helps work stuff out without aggravating it any more than it already is (which some medicated nose sprays can).

I don’t know what Sudafed is marketed as in the US, but it’s fantastic.

I do this, too. But then I don’t use the pot for cooking anymore.

I used to have them all the time. I started decreasing the amounts of sugar and processed carbs I eat. It made a huge difference. I got tired of taking antibiotics and decongestants all the time. Once in a while I start getting sinus pain again and its usually because I’ve been eating a lot of junk. I also use the netti pot when I start feeling the symptoms and it works wonders. I don’t ever want to go back to having horrible headaches everyday. Also dustinac said she got a knot on her neck when she had symptoms. I usually get one in my neck. A heat pack or massage really helps.
Hope you feel better soon.

Ugh. My sympathies!! I get 'em too. Not as often these days, thankfully. If my allergies are particularly severe (happens 2-3x a year), I know I have to watch it. (I’ll sneeze pretty much nonstop for a few days…oh, it sucks…and nothing works to really stop it. It has to run its course.) I’ve had to go the antibiotic route, too. :ick:

Yep I was gonna suggest Sinucleanse too.

I have terrible sinisitis and that thing is awesome. I went on vacation to the USA and bought two. They aren’t available here in the UK. They are however really great for clearing things out and releasing pressure. Especially at night.

Try essential oils too. I like Tea Tree, Rosemary and Eucaliptis (sp? :??). :wink:

I had 4 sinus infections in 3 months this past winter. I, too, wanted to die. Seriously life with a 2 year old is hard, try a two year old and a sinus infection. On vacation. While skiing.

My ENT also suggested doubling the does of mucinex. He also thought it would be allergy related and suggest testing, but my insurance said they would deny the claim and told me to get a different claim number from the doctor… although they would be doing the same tests. I did not go for the allergy tests.

Hope you feel better soon! I use the Sudacare Plug-Ins when I am sleeping. Also, the steamy shower idea is always a good one.


thank you for all the helpful advice…

the weird thing is, i don’t really feel pressure anywhere, and i don’t feel particularly congested. i get seasonal allergies, so for most of the spring and summer my nose is a little stuffy, but i haven’t noticed that it’s any worse than it ever is. i just have constant throbby pain behind my eye, and sharp shooty pain when i rotate my eye in its socket. it’s beginning to get a little embarrassing, honestly - i have been to four doctors in four days - the urgi-care PA, the doc at the MRI center, my PCP yesterday, and an opthamologist today - no one is finding anything wrong, really - even my PCP said although the MRI showed sinusitis, he wasn’t particularly impressed by the results. i am starting to feel like it’s all in my head (no pun intended)!

oh well, hopefully it will get better soon. to top it off, my husband just got diagnosed with restless leg syndrome…we’re both falling apart!

To be honest, I would still suggest something like Sinucleanse. The reason being that the sinus blockage / infection may be very deep in. I found that my sinus problem lies very deep in and when I poured the fluid in from the neti pot, I could feel exactly where the problem was.

The fluid seemed to ‘block’ when it hit that point and I could feel the fluid doing its thang!

When I have a sinus infection, I usually don’t feel that congested either. I can still breathe through my nose and everything.

I agree with Mulene. Also, are you taking antibiotics? They can really help to clear up the infection. I don’t usually take antibiotics for any little thing, but sometimes they are the only thing that can get rid of the infection.