Single row tear back

l must be out of my mind. I just ripped one stitch
back over 100 rows just to fix one twisted stitch :oo: It all worked out flawlessly and now my shawl is too. Thank goodness I noticed it now. Never gone that far back for one stitch before. Working on my second Faroese shawl. Will post pics when I have more done. Felling very pleased with myself though for bracing hung back that far and not ripping it all back. I can’t abide errors in my knitting. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only one stitch. It’s probably unnoticeable to the entire world but it’s the [I]only thing you see[/I] when you look at the knitted piece. Glad it all worked out well. I know just what you mean.

Exactly! I stared at it for a good 15 mins before going ahead.

Look on the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes for a way to fix just one st. Basically, work until you’re over the goof, drop that stitch fix it and pick it back up to your needles. If you have several over the rows since the first mistake, or in one row, you can just pull the needles out, rip back to the row above the one you want to fix then take out the last row st by st as you put them back on the needles.

LOL that’s just what I did! Works like a charm just takes a big gulp and going for it.

I do that all the time. It’s like having a big zit on the tip of your nose. You just gotta do something about it.

Oh you are a girl after my own heart! I have done the same…gone down 100’s of rows to fix a twisted stitch! LOL! I thought I all alone in my boat of OCD!

But I feel very satisfied with the outcome, as you do! On this particular project I mentioned…I don’t know why…but I had to do this deep teardown to fix a single stitch more than once.

Sometimes it was a twisted stitch, sometimes it was a stitch that had been knit with the stitch below. Heaven help me.

OMFG I somehow only just now discovered I am one stitch short on the border on one side. I’m about half way through now. I could seriously sit down and weep. I have no idea how it happened. Traced it back and it goes all the eat back to the start. sigh feel really stupid.

Well, put an extra st in where yo need it - if it matters; usually it doesn’t if it won’t mess up a stitch count for a st patterns that needs a specific number of sts.

Well, it’s a garter stitch border with selvedge edge. One side has 6 ers the other side is 5. Very stupid error I can’ t even believe it especially this far in. Good thing it was just a test so intended only for me. Still makes me sad tho.

Really, it won’t be noticeable. Once something is off the needles, no one’s going to be counting the stitches or even notice that one edge is slightly smaller than the other.