Single Loop Help

Hi, um first I’d like to say that I’m new here. I’ve been knitting for 5 years now and I’m 15 years old. I love to act in different productions, mostly plays, but musical theatre is just as good. I have another passion for choir because there is so much beyond just singing there has to be an imagination and determination to teach it. :note: I have 6 domesticated birds and among them a cockatoo. I’ve started an on going knitting disease in the acting world in my school :grphug: and I knit “Senior Scarves” which are special hand-knit scarves for the seniors involved in the drama program(s).

Well my problem. Though I keep trying and I’m doing everything right ever time I go to make the first row of loops it works! Then when I start on the next row the loops just come undone and if i keep doing it and pull of the work to test tightness it all just falls apart and because a mess pile of yarn. :grrr: I’ve tried several times. Is there a clue to how to do this correctly? Thanks guys!
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

What type of cast on do you do? Maybe a different one would help.

Welcome to the forum and Kudos to you for knitting for your friends and getting them hooked on knitting!
I find that when I knit something with the loop stitch I knit 2 rounds or rows of knitting between the loop sts, this will help stabilize the loops so that this pulling out of the loops won’t happen…you will still have a nice loopy effect, as you can see here in the Loopy Socks.

:doh: So that’s what she meant! I was thinking it was something else entirely! Go Becka! :notworthy:

thanks i use this cast where i take the string and loop it on my thumb and then put it on my needle, but i was thinking of knitting a row or few to make it that way. Thanks im going to try that and if i still have trouble, which i doubt, ill post again. I was getting SOO impatient
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

The backward loop cast on is not the best for the start of a project. Try one of the others–you’ll be so much happier. The long tail is, I think, most people’s preferred method, but the others work, too.