Single knitting needles..not sets..advice?

I have accumulated a bunch of straight knitting needles that do not have a matching mate. I was wondering if anyone ever goes onlne to find a matching needle for the one that have already or do you just throw the sigle one away and go buy another set ? Here is an example of what I am trying to say:
Example : I have a 1 size 9 straight knitting needle instead of two.
I am thinking of trying to sell them but am not sure if anyone looks for another mate or not.Thanks in advance.

You could keep them in case you ever want to do 3 needle bind offs :slight_smile:

Have you tried buy/swap? maybe some folks are in the same predicament and you can trade to get some full sets. :shrug:

I suppose you could always throw in the dishwasher and use them for chopsticks grinning

That is a prediciment. At least when you lose a dpn, you can buy an extra set so you can have spares. It’s worth a shot to sell them, but I wouldn’t hold out for too long because it can be difficult to find buyers for single needles. Now, if you happen to have one size 7 metal 8" dpn, I would be interested in hearing from you!

I think that Amy had a site that did just that, take odd knitting needles. I don’t remember the site name. Either way you can send her your one of a kind needle or look for the mate of the one that you have. Maybe someone can remember the site.

I buy another set. If you don’t want to throw them away, put them in a vase for decoration.

I bet I have a few odd ball singles. I’m afraid if I toss them, their mate wiill turn up then for sure!!