Single crochet edge...HElP

i made warm woolies once, w/o the crochet edge…and now i am making them again, but this time i am determined to add a crochet edge! :wall:
i just can’t seem to get hot you add the yarn to the edge w/o it coming out…seems like it would want to detach. i am wanting to do the single crochet edge with the lionbrand wool (same as the foot part of the bootie) stranded with an acrylic varigated for contrast
here is the pattern
TIA!!! :notworthy:

Hi there- I just tried doing this on my camisole I’m making. it looks so nice! I’m no expert, but here’s how I did it:
I made the slipknot on the hook with the new yarn
I slipped the hook in the first stitch in the edge of the sweater.
did first yo, pull thru of one loop
did second yo pulled through both loops.
this attached my yarn nicely.

these videos were very helpful:

these basic hints were also helpful:

and, I used Idiots guide to Knitting and Crocheting which I borrowed from the library. good luck and keep trying!

(I’m sure someone else can explain better!)

That is how I would do it also. I’m a crocheter from way back :slight_smile:

:teehee: Whew! glad I didn’t tell her the wrong thing… Thanks for being the “voice of experience”! mkz

:heart: thank you ladies!
i had to watch the video 3 times and then look at the written instructions like 5 more times on, but i did figure it out… i was telling my mom, “watch, once i figure it out i am gonna feel dumb… i am sure it can’t be too hard!”…( [size=2]i was right there is a reason it is a basic crochet ‘stitch’[/size]) :yay:
[size=6]thank you! :cheering: [/size]

great!!! now I want to see a picture… :slight_smile:

i will try to get a pic posted tomorrow… i forgot to take a pre-felt pic though :pout: i love them and dh thinks there great too… dd however… seems to think her feet should be nekkid no matter how cute her booties are! :hair: