Single crochet around border?

I’m a fairly new knitter - just a few months in the making.
I’ve done my requisite dish cloth, countless scarves, two hand bags and an adorable little kid’s sweater knitted in the round.
I’ve just started a sampler afghan and have (after many starts and unraveling fits) finished my first block. Each block calls for a single crochet border.

I don’t have the foggiest idea how to crochet. When I look for “how to’s” on the 'net I find info on making chains…many types of chains, but chains none the less.

My questions are:

  1. does any one know of a resource showing me how to add a crochet border to an existing block?

  2. how necessary is it to crochet a border? Could I fake it and go knit a border? Would it matter as long as every block has the same treatment so they look the same when attached together?

Thanks in advance,

The only crochet experience i have is working around a knitted piece. I was confused too, but i just decided to treat my knitted piece just like an existing row of croched stuff. stuck my hook in every stitch and did the single crochet thing. :slight_smile: that’s about all i know.

as for a knit border, i don’t know. I’ve never added one of those to a blanket. actually, i’ve never made a blanket. my guess would be that it would leave ridge on the back side (from picking up the stitches) and that’s why they have you do crochet.

Maybe these sites will help you

i think you really want the crab stitch.

This site is really helpful, too!
Lion Brand - Learn to crochet

Thanks, Julie (the first one I read).

That was exactly what I needed to see.

I’ll check out the other sites, too.

i found this one:
the crab stitch is at the bottom of page 1

I have to do a picot edging on a my DD’s jumper and I have no idea how to do that! The video link was just what I needed to learn what to do. :cheering: