Since Addis aren't exactly the same size as the equiv. needle from another manuf. >>>

is there a needle sizer that fits Addis? I noticed when I put my size 8 Addi into the 8 on the needle gauge it didn’t fit, and my LYS owner told me that Addis don’t exactly match other manufacturers.

Since the mark on the cable eventually wears off, is there a needle sizer JUST for Addis? I’d hate to think I’d pick up the wrong size because I put a needle back in another slot in my circ hanger.


I have never had a problem with my Addis being the wrong size. Generally they are the same size, and really, the only things that matters is your gauge. If your gauge is right, it doesn’t matter what size needle you are knitting on.
I hope that’s helpful!

The Addis aren’t the wrong size, they just have their OWN size. And someone at the LYS told me that they have an Addi needle sizer. I really want one because I adore my Addis.

Oh, and I know gauge is important, but I still see it as a four-letter word! :mrgreen:

That is interesting… I have all my Addi’s thrown together and have never noticed a problem with using my regular sizer. I’ll have to check when I get home but if anything they may be a tad smaller which is why they fit in the sizer, I never noticed if they were a less snug fit in the sizer.

Get a needle gauge that has mm, they should fit that.

D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that?

Now that I DO think about it, most seem to come in US sizes. Will check around.

thanks for turning on the light switch for me!


I have a Balene gauge I got at Hobby Lobby. It also has UK sizes and is ruled along the sides in both inches and cms.


My needle sizer has both mm and US sizes. I haven’t had a problem with the Addis in it. Some needles are a little tighter, some a little looser in the hole, but I figure that is the difference in manufacturers.

Just tried the Addis I have in my gauge and they are all correct.

Try a Suasn Bates “knit Chek.” It works for me and my Addi’s every time.

Well, I lost my last one, so I guess I’ll get another one!

Weird that not everyone is noticing this. I never would have noticed if my LYS owner hadn’t told me.