Simply Soft Eco at Walmart

If you like Eco it may be worth checking your Walmarts.
Seems they’re discontinuing it and have it at deep discounts.

I got 2 sweaters worth for $10, $1 a skein.

If I wasn’t color blind and trusted my color blending better I’d have a lot more.

Hello Mike,
As a Canadian, I wonder what the yarn section is like in an American Wal-Mart.
Here we have one aisle dedicated to yarn - one aisle both sides of the display walls…if that makes sense. If you are in an aisle and looking at a rack of yarn, there is another rack of yarn behind you of yarn. But that is it. That’s all. In my opinion, it’s just not enough.

That’s a good price, Mike…

I bought 4 skeins of Caron SS Eco, and 4 of RHSS. The Eco was 2 dollars each. The rhSS was 1.50 each. They don’t have much left at our local Walmart either, but what I got will make a baby blanket for some lucky girl or boy.

Being color blind must be hard to deal with. Maybe you could get someone there to help you with the colors before the yarn is all gone…

Thanks for the heads up - I like that yarn.

I saw it somewhere else recently - Joann’s or AC Moore, I forget which. I remember thinking, ‘hey, I thought that was a Walmart exclusive…’ Didn’t bother to price it cause I ddon’t really need any right now, but for a buck or 2 I’ll have to check out Walmart.

Walmart dropping it kind of makes me mad, Joanns is quite a ways away. But mine seems to be replacing it with regular Simply Soft so I’ll still have something cheap for sweaters (although now I’ll have so many Simply Soft sweaters I may not need any for a long time).

Our Walmarts seem very area specific on the fabrics and yarns. Mine still has fabrics, the yarn is a single side of an isle with knitting items on half the other side. It used to be 2 sides yarn and needles.
The one technically in my town had a back corner although I think it got moved and downsized.
My sister’s pretty much dropped it all.

Color blind isn’t seeing in black and white if that’s what you’re thinking (although if lighting isn’t good I can mix up blues and greens. If it was that bad I’d have a real hard time doing my job separating rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
One of the greens I got tonight does look brown but I can tell from the name it’s a green.
I basically need someone along to ask if these go together. I wouldn’t want to do that with a Walmart employee.
I was just talking to my sister who said green goes with purple. I would’ve never guessed that. But then I think orange and pink go together and I’ve been told that’s not good.
But now that I know purple and green are good I can buy up the purple and won’t even need the greens since I’ll have two half skeins of green left.

I think I live in the Land of Walmart. There’s 1 about a mile from work, and I live dead center of 3, none of them more then 3-4 miles away. One of the 4 still has a good size fabric/yarn dept, the other 3 is much smaller.

My DS is color blind, too. He has always said he can’t pick up the dog poo cause he can’t see brown from green. He also says that nearly any shade of purple/lavender is blue. Sometimes I think he is ‘yanking my chain’ so to speak, especially with the dog poo thing. :teehee:

I think their exclusive contract expired as it’s at Joanns and AC moore now. So they could be why WM is dumping it. However, they replaced it with the regular SS.

My Walmart is less than a mile away :woot:

I’ve stopped trying to blood trail deer. When I get one unless it’s a massive trail or I saw them go down I just go straight to the house to get someone who can see.
To illustrate how bad it is, if it went through grass I’m on my hands and knees searching while the guy I get is trailing at a fast walk. I have to look for the shapes of the drops while I guess the colors jump out to someone else.

But mainly I can’t pick numbers out of most of the color dot tests. They’re just a bunch of dots.
If they ever start making speed limit signs out of a bunch of colored dots I’m in a lot of trouble :rofl:

Red and green are complimentary colors so it makes sense that purple and green look good. In general colors that are opposite on the color wheel look good together. I made a purse one time that was a sage green, cranberry and a couple narrow stripes of purple. It’s really pretty.

Don’t know how well you can see this.

Thanks for the info. I don’t normally shop at Walmart, but that’s good to know. :think:

Yea, Mike
I know that color blind doesn’t mean just seeing black and white. A cousin of mine is color blind and he says he can’t pick colors that match. He says he has to have his wife pick out his clothes, so he doesn’t wear something like orange and green to work… hahaha

Ya, I don’t think you could ask a walmart employee something like that about yarn. They might think you were pulling a joke on them or something. :slight_smile:

Jan in CA,
I know how to match colors with a color wheel. It’s the slight variations that go from looking good to not looking good that I don’t trust myself to catch.

I’ve got my monitor turned down really low (to avoid light induced migraines) so colors don’t show true. But thanks, I’m going off old memories of art class for my color wheel. Now I have one for my computer. Once I save it I can adjust the brightness for the picture separate from the monitor.

But they were pretty much picked clean when I got there today so I got what I could and will use what I got for an entralac jumble of colors I have planned.

I’ve wore green and blue socks many times. I even did some sock mix up with a suit at a funeral, I think that was green and gray.

I never know what people know and don’t know so I’ve learned over the years to try and reply as clearly as possible. I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t know. :shifty:

I agree that it’s hard to move off the basic colors and find matches. I’m always second guessing myself and I can see color fine. :doh:

I used to work at my local Jo_an store until my daughter came home with the grandson. I had to quit so I could look after the grandbaby whiles she looked for a job, Long story there but I will not go into it. Any time I want to go to Jo-Ann , if the car is not here, I oreder what I need online from Jo-Ann’s website.

thanks for the tip
knitting is very pricey so i try to go for cheap stuff

I didn’t feel slighted in any way. I was just saying.

Because of thinking about this I also remembered some paint mixing stuff from the color wheel. I might have to try that and see how it works. But as I recall they clashed when unmixed so it probably won’t work.

Thanks for the tip, Mike. I hope to get to a WM today then. It’s already Monday, so maybe it’s been picked clean already. It depends on how many knitters there are in the neighbourhood of a Walmart.

My small, ever-so-delicious LYS says that she simply cannot compete with WM for prices; they beat her out every time.

but I still like to support local small shops.

Yes - I started to freak out when I saw the CSSE yarn on clearance, was not looking forward to having to order CSS from the mainland (takes 3 weeks). Was so happy to hear they are replacing it with regular Simply Soft. Got as many skeins I could afford and put out the word to the Compassionate Crafters group. When I was in there yesterday, only had the olivey green left. Got in on Vanna’s Choice, too. Since only certain colors (dusty purple) were clearanced, didn’t freak out that they were discontinuing all of it.

I’ve been to 3 different Walmarts this week - one had no Eco at all and the other 2 had it at their regular price. Well, there is still one more I can try…

Keep your eye on the ones that still had it at regular price.
Someone from Caron confirmed Walmart was replacing it.